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Something a bit 'Spooky Mulder'

Much to my surprise of late I've been updating my MYSPACE blog the last few weeks, had conversations with some other interesting 'myspacers'. As a result I posted a very personal blog about my own supernatural experiences, well one in particular. You can choose to read what you like into it. I'm open minded about it. Here's the article;


M-O-O-N spells spooky
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I've never blogged about this before, in fact I rarely talk about...... for no particular reason, well that's my excuse.

A bit of background about me. I'm of Irish descent, there are some clairvoyants in my family, or so I'm told and I've heard some strange tales about not opening your door at night after midnight to any 'knocks' lest the banshee 'takes you' from various family members (oddly enough from my Mums side, the least Irish of side of my family, Huggenot's who settled in Ireland a couple of centuries ago).

Anyway, flashback to Nov 5th 1970, the days before hospices and such. My Gran on my Mother's side is in my parents council house, she dies from cancer that night, with me in the next room (I had just turned 10) but I didn't witness my Gran dying?

Afterwards in following years both my Mum and Kid Sis say that they've seen my Gran 'out of the corner of their eyes' on numerous occasions. I however, have lived in blissful ignorance of any apparitions, after all my parents home is a council house built in 1964.

Fast forward to Nov 5th 1982. I'm riding home that night on my Lambretta. Some geezer in a Mini hits me. My leg is broken in several places, I'm in a bad way. Several hours later there's a knock on my parents door, 2 PC's tell my parents what happened. Well, not quite the end of the story. Several years later, my Mum confides in me that whilst she was asleep and before the Police knocked on the door my Gran told her I'd been in an accident and broke my leg badly.

I'm keeping an open mind about this, but my Mum is the straightest person I know. She wasn't lying. Was it a message from the grave, my guardian angel, mother's intuition?

Since then though, I've felt a presence whenever I've stayed at my parents. Nothing malevolent, but something I couldn't put my finger on, the odd levitating bed. Haven't told anyone about this, who'd believe me? It's bad enough having an uncle who can foretell when his workmates will die."

I'd be interested in any feedback, after all I can't be the only person with a supernatural tale or two. And at the end of the day science can't even begin to explain 'bumps in the night'.


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