Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, just done a few test shots with 'Winona', nothing startling, just wanted to see what the image quality was like, colour etc. I'm really impressed. My only gripe is that this beast 'eats' batteries. Next purchase will be 2 sets of rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Still finding my way around 'Winona's' knobs and buttons. Several menu's within menu's, but I know how to change basic settings and it's easy to access the modes etc. Ooooh, I'm really looking forward to using this little baby next photo op.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 

I've been upgraded

No, Cybus Corporation haven't got their greasy mits on me. I've just bought a Fuji Finepix s9500. 9MPS, full manual, 10.7x zoom, 2x digi zoom. The thing is full of knobs and things and will take best part of a week to read the manual. Despite all the things I've said about Fuji, better the devil you know............

Looking forward to posting my first images, when I get the chance. It's huge compared to my trusty Fuji Finepix F 450 (I won't be getting rid of this baby in a hurry) but it offers iso 1600 and much better movie facilities. I was hoping to get the 'upgrade' to this model, the s9600, but after seeing the spec, which wasn't much different, plummed for 'Winona' at £303 from pc World. By the way, I saved nigh on £50 by ordering mine on t'net and opting for store collection. Usual price £349. Go figure, to use an 'Americanism' I will use only once.


Views of Northbridge

A couple of snaps of Northbridge I took whilst walking into Hull's town centre yesterday. It was a bit busy.


The doves from above

More blue Yorkshire sky and a pair of doves that I see nearly every day, walking to, or from work.

Friday, August 25, 2006 

Reaching out

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

Breaking news


Allotments : A British tradition

Having never been much of a horticulturalist, the thought of renting an allotment from my local council doesn't exactly float my boat. However, I can appreciate a British institution that needs protecting. There's nothing better than home grown veg, plus it's always nice for a working man to have his own little hideaway from the 'little women / my dearly beloved strife'.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 

Handy for work?


Some macro shots on the way home

Thought I'd take some closeup nature shots of some of the flora growing here and there, while it was still Summer. There are a lot of brambles, berries and other colourful flora still to be seen, and I'm kicking myself that I was unable to photograph them a few weeks ago when there were lots of bees, moths and other insects doing the pollenisation tango.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 

Back on track

Oh, yes. The Jazzster is happy. FUJI finally got it right and my camera is now up and running. As, and when my 'muses' do their thang I'll be posting some more images. I now feel oddly 'complete'. As if a gag has been taken out of my mouth and I can now comunicate with everyone, instead of just using sign language. Well it makes sense to me anyway:)

Friday, August 18, 2006 

JJ's back

Oh, can't believe it's so long since I've posted properly. But the truth is that I've been working all the hours imaginable covering for holiday absences, been without my camera, dog tired and probably because of this my 'muses' have buggered off for climes new.

I'm reasonably optimistic that my camera will be up and running shortly, so some new piccies will hopefully appear in due course. And maybe I'll have some much needed 'me' time? On the work front I'm hoping things will quieten down, fingers very much crossed! They can't possibly get much busier. I seriously considered bringing my sleeping bag into the office, it was that bad.

Anyroad, here's some images courtesy of the 'Jazzster', from my divine archive, enjoy. Parklife!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Life, the universe and a lump of putty I found under my armpit one midsummer morn

Fuji technical support suck. I'll say no more, hence my lack of posts. But I will be back even if I have to draw my images using a 16th century 'camera obscura'.

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