Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Halloween - Spooky

Don't have nightmares now y'all.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 

York 'Shambles'

This post is really for everyone in the North Americas. I love York's everyday medieval architecture, the Shambles is about the best you'll see in the UK that wasn't 'Blitzed' during WW2.

I love this area of York around the minster, so much character and some very unusual shops. And a couple of shops selling the best cornish pasties I've tasted in ages. Fortunately, weather was good during my 'cultural' weekend so I was able to park my backside and tuck in to some pasties. I wholeheartedly recommend pork and apple, and giant traditional pasties, served warm of course. I hasten to add I had these pasties on two separate days. I'd hate for you to think I was a bit of a glutton.

Sunday, October 22, 2006 

Post Nelsonica jam session

The 'staff' at the backpackers hostel were a friendly bunch. They even let Jimbo (bandana) jam with them on one of their guitars and do a bit of 'e-bowing'. It was a strange, almost surreal experience, basement rock 'n roll at it's finest. Or perhaps that was the alcohol I'd consumed, no on second thoughts it wasn't (lol).

I was very impressed with Jimbo's playing. Well, the 'noisy Yank' is in a band or two. I think he may have illicited some interest in Bill Nelson's music amongst the two South African guitarists by his almost iconic renditions of 'Maid In Heaven', and 'This Very Moment'. Well, Jimbo had myself and Vienna, singing along (fortunately, no sonic recording apparatus was switched on at the time, the world was saved yet again).


Thomas the tank engine?

Saturday, October 21, 2006 

York Minster details



Bridge over the Ouse

A couple of snaps I took on Saturday morning while waiting for doors to open at Nelsonica. They're nothing special, but they do illustrate some of visual benefits of having a wide river running through your city centre. One of the many reasons York is my favourite Yorkshire city.

It's only just occurred to me, but these snaps have also recorded the start of Autumn in this part of the world, and many a photo op.

Friday, October 20, 2006 

Still hat and ashtray / It's only rock 'n roll

I'm hoping this will come as a complete surprise to friend and fellow Nelsonian, Vienna. Oooo I'm a cheeky happy snapper. More to come, including some video footage of a post Nelsonic geetar / e-bow session.


My adventures in York part 1

This time last week in York, I and a number of fellow Nelsonians (Vienna, Jimbo, Mark H, and John I) were tucking in to a lovely Indian meal in a curry house just off Micklegate, only a short distance from the York Backpackers Hostel (400 year old grade 1 listed building) where we were all staying. The meal was lovely, set us up for the night and prepared us for a few bevvies in the local '80's rock pub', an ideal pre-Nelsonica repast.

Earlier in the day, Vienna and I, travelled up to York by coach (cheapest transport we could arrange) and made our way to the hostel. I wasn't too keen at first on the idea of staying at a backpackers hostel, but this one was rather good, albeit basic and I'd recommend it to anyone. The staff (long term residents) were brilliant, and because of the informality of the place there were no barriers, residents talked to each other in a way that doesn't usually happen in posh hotels.

Even now, writing about the place I miss it. Whilst Vienna, and the rest of the gang left on the Sunday after the Nelsonica Convention, I stayed an extra night inorder to go 'tourist' and take in the sights at my favourite Yorkshire city, and of course take 100's of photos.................

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 

Nelsonica 06 images

Sunday, October 08, 2006 

Sunday afternoon shopping

Took these images this evening around tea time, just as the light was beginning to fail after doing some clothes shopping. I ought to shop on a Sunday more often, so much more civilised.

These two images are only a few degrees apart, but they illustrate some of the contrasts in the city centre; Brand new swanky apartments and the old Dock buildings dating back to the Victorian era. I wouldn't mind having one of these new pads, even though they do seem out of place on the Hull skyline. They remind me of hotel complexes in the Costa Del Sol.

By the way, cindra jo, I've not forgotten your musical 7's tag. I've just been a bit preoccupied with prepping for Nelsonica 06, and a few other things. One of them being Hotel Phoenix, the new fan run Bill Nelson website of which yours truly is one of the moderators on the forum. When I'm back in 8 days or so, I hope to have some interesting snaps of the convention as well as some of the interesting museums in and around York, where the Nelsonica convention is being held.........

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