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Friday, August 18, 2006 

JJ's back

Oh, can't believe it's so long since I've posted properly. But the truth is that I've been working all the hours imaginable covering for holiday absences, been without my camera, dog tired and probably because of this my 'muses' have buggered off for climes new.

I'm reasonably optimistic that my camera will be up and running shortly, so some new piccies will hopefully appear in due course. And maybe I'll have some much needed 'me' time? On the work front I'm hoping things will quieten down, fingers very much crossed! They can't possibly get much busier. I seriously considered bringing my sleeping bag into the office, it was that bad.

Anyroad, here's some images courtesy of the 'Jazzster', from my divine archive, enjoy. Parklife!

YEEEEEEEEEEEES! your back, good to see you plucking from that archive of yours at least until your camera is up and running. I hope it gets better on the work front, but somehow after living some of my working life in that department, I don't hold much hope, things seem to be getting buisier not easier. Bah!

I love the picture of the carosel. :) I have such fond memories of them as a child.

Glad to see your back in action!

Fabulous pix, squire. Just came surfing across them. You may like the Hull stuff I've posted on my blog at lozman.blogspot.com today; tours inside the Britsish Extracting Company, no less. I'll keep on dropping in!


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