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Friday, September 01, 2006 

Railway bridge

Took this snap a week or so ago on my point 'n shoot. It's an old, but still used freight railway bridge on the way to work. Very overgrown, weeds, usual council fence erected to stop the glue sniffers congregating, sort of stuff. Lends itself well to b/w.

Haven't taken any images with 'Winona' I want to post yet, but it's early days. Feeling a tad self conscious carrying the beast around. It lends itself to a different type of photography.

Your right John, the picture does lend itself to B&W very well, and I know what you mean carrying your new camera around, it will surely cause heads to turn, but don't worry we are here for support!

You won't be surprised to know I like this one :-)

I love this shot!

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