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Friday, January 25, 2008 

My ride mid 80's to early 90's

Found these images of the Vespa PX200E I owned when I was traveling around Scotland. But for this little beast I would have missed out on several adventures and hundreds of images of the Scottish highlands.

These images were taken in '91 I think, another country cottage in Scotland. Still can't believed I travelled over 400 miles in less than a day on 'Winona'. What I do recall is a very sore arse before I reached my destination!

Wow, John, I was just here a week ago and you've posted so many great pics since then!

I'd love to have a peek into that tower. I've always dreamed of living in a house that included at least one tower room.

And your Vespa -- who hasn't wanted a Vespa at some point in their life?

Back in the old days, when my lungs still worked reliably, I was with a local bicycling team and I generally rode about 200 miles per week.

I know from sore bums! ... and sore legs, and sore shoulders, and sore hands ...

W.J.S., I miss having any form of personnel transport now. Think it's time to recommission my pedal powered thang?

Make your mind up john. Is your guitar called winona or that hair dryer?

Rob D

Rob, to use a 'Nelsonism', you just don't get it do you? :)

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