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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 

Oh joy, I have shingles

Now doesn't that take the biscuit, my life is ruddy complete? What I thought was a muscular strain in my right arm, albeit painful, that started about a week ago and lasted through my Nelsonic weekend is a nasty case of shingles. I'm on a LOT of antiviral meds, 5 x 800mg a day. Hopefully this'll prevent the spread of this virus, take care of the awful rash that suddenly appeared yesterday, before the side effects of the meds kill me.

I actually think I'm lucky, shingles can be nasty, especially if blisters appear near, or in eyes. At the moment, only my right arm is affected, and hopefully I caught it within the important first 72 hours. Unfortunately, due to the blisters, I'm now contagious and a danger to anyone who hasn't had the chickenpox (not nice to get the pox when you're an adult). I took some snaps of my blisters, but decided not to post them here as they ain't perty. I'll keep ya posted.


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