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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Winter views of Queens Gardens

For a change here are some images of Hull that aren't bleak and industrial. Took these yesterday, about 4.30ish in the afternoon. The sun is low in the sky, hence the long shadows.

Queens Gardens used to be a dock around the turn of the 1900's until it was filled in to make one of my favourite parts of the city's centre. In summer it's usually full of people, concerts of the musical variety are held there at The Mick Ronson Memorial. Fitting for the guy who was one of David Bowie's 'Spiders from Mars'. Enjoy, I may post some more images come summer. Ciao pop pickers.

It looks like a nice place to hang out!

The second shot is pretty good. I can't say that about the first one. The composition is alright but you are looking directly into the sun and that is making everything look dark. I am just saying that this shot could have been much better if you had your back to the lightsource (in this case the sun).


They're beautiful!

Both look really good to me!
Have a great week!

Both look pretty good to me. Sometimes deliberately taking the shot into the light source can produce some interesting results.

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