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Saturday, September 02, 2006 

Love is in the air

I was mucking about with 'Winona' yesterday after work. Took some snaps, using the 10.7x optical zoom to frame the images, s9500 set on auto everything. After uploading the results to my pc I wasn't particularly impressed with the results, image quality great, but the subject matter didn't exactly 'float my boat', and I'd no intention of posting mundane images.

Anyroad, whilst looking at the results just now I spotted a little detail in a small portion of one of my bridge images. I faffed about with it, cropping heavily and voila. It's a kind of post modern, urban planning type image of love in the 21st century. What's your take?

I think your description fits well, and it's nice to know that love is thriving in Hull

I like the way the photo draws your eyes into the couple holding hands.

Did you manipulate the colours and shadows or was that how it came out?

Reeholio, the image was just as it turned out, though I was pointing in the general direction of the sun.

I think it's a great image John, keep snapping away.

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As Always great stuff!
Hope all is well,

This is beautiful - I love the way the colour has come out!

I love that pic. Not sure if its quite Terry and Julie from Ray Davies' Waterloo Sunset, but it's a beautiful shot of love in spite of it all.

Tragically doomed lovers, staring into a nuclear sky . . .

WJS, you could be right, the image does have an other worldly, possible nuclear holocaust feel about if you use your imagination. I was thinking a possible honeymoon on one of Jupiters moons, IO maybe?

The frustration of urban life and inundation of technology had driven the pair to despair. The traffic jam was the last straw. Abandoning their car, William and Claire clasped hands and literally walked off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

Great "found" art, by the way!

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