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Monday, June 23, 2008 

A good send off

Well, I buried my father today. I wasn't looking forward to it, I had butterflies in my stomach right up to time the cortège left my mum's house. There was a hearse and 2 limos, so we did it in style. There hasn't been a sight like this in our close for a while, and I wore a new suit. It's years since I've worn one. It felt strange dressing 'smart'.

The simple Catholic service was lovely, Terry's favourite music was played during the proceedings, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr and Frank Sinatra. The priest read out a dedication I wrote to my father. It was very positive, more a celebration of Terry's life and very child friendly (it was my 11yr old niece Zoe's first funeral). I was so glad it went without a hitch.

Afterwards, we had a family 'wake' in a room above a local pub. It was an opportunity to meet family members I hadn't seen in years, but it's sad that funerals seem to be the only times this happens nowadays.

I think my dad would have been pleased with his send off. Now it's time for everyone to start living their lives again, me included. It's back to work tomorrow, and a touch of normality. I'll be keeping an eye on Mum, but she's alright and she knows the 'kids' are looking out for her.

It sounds like a lovely service...and tribute...indeed.

Peace and light to you and yours.

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