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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

Something you will only see in Hull

A white telephone box. Since the early 1900's, Hull has had it's own telephone service and it's own colour scheme. The only city in the UK to be granted this privilege. It may not last though, looks like KC may be bought out. Will these booths still be white?

Very cool. Way nicer than those we have in the US.

Really Nice!
Too bad us Americans have little if any tradition!
Have a Great Weekend!

I never knew this. I heard Milton Keynes has a lot of roundabouts, but never that Hull has white telephone boxes.

Do you also still have the blue ones? Police boxes I think they were; like the Tardis.

Carry on blogging, I'd say!

Well for the benefit of the Americans tradition is Red phone boxes, I do really like the white though maybe we could re-introduce old style phone boxes in MULTICOLOUR. As for the blue police boxes, they are no longer around, however on a programme on BBC 2 (How to pay off your mortgage in two years) some guy was commisioned to build two old phone boxes and these were painted blue, however they were replica old fashioned GPO or BT ones not Police boxes

Dr Who would really stand out if his phone booth had come from Hull ! My grandmother was born in Bradford but moved here to NZ when she was a wee girl.
Here via blogmad today !

Why was Hull granted this privilege? I like it.

Mark Daniels

Re: a programme on BBC 2 (How to pay off your mortgage in two years)

So....how do one pays his mortgage
in two years???? Did you find out
any good tips there?


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