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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

A spot of amateur archeology

Went for a walk this afternoon along the old Hull to Hornsea railway line. It was cold, and by the time I turned back it was sleating heavily.

I'd been watching a Sky3 program yesterday about the old 'Motte and Bailey' castles that the Normans built around 1100AD. I knew there was at least one 'Castlehill' nearby within view of the old Hull to Hornsea line courtesy of 'Google Earth'. So I thought I'd have a look, maybe photograph it.

Anyway, I found what I was looking for. What a disappointment, no more than a hillock, with a few trees. I'd really like to know more about 'Branceholm Castle', as I believe it's called. I know it's mentioned in the odd web page around the 1300's, but apart from that zilch. There's buggerall now, and I'd really like to learn more.

Incidently, there is another 'Castlehill' to the west of Hull, in the outskirts of Cottingham. I'm going to have to do some research. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

Sad to say you're not likely to find anything at the site of old motte and bailey castles. A lot of them were used at sites for churches and later castles for a start. It's impressive to see that one on Google Earth though - the shape is very clear.

Bolsover Castle (not far from us) is where a motte and bailey used to be. I'd have loved to be able to see what it looked like originally.

See if you can find a metal detector in a junk shop, or turn round and try to imagine the view they had in 1100AD. Britain had a LOT more trees in those days :)

Couldn't agree more greywulf. A work colleague remembers school history trips to this and lessons about motte and bailey castles - the first MFI FLATPACK HOMES :)

Good idea, using Google Earth. I am just around the corner, in York.

StrangeNights - The weird side of the web.

Hope it's ok that I have a link to you in my latest post.

Have you ever walked along that track all the way to Hornsea?
The old stations and sidings are rather photogenic.
(Handy hint)
Get the bus back :)

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