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Sunday, April 02, 2006 

It's Sunday lunchtime.........

.......and I'm off to my 'local'.

I think your appreciation of the world around ou is inspiring, I'm looking at my local area with new eyes

Funny you should say that..... I think I ought to spread my photographic eye a little further afield. Thanks for the appreciative comment though.

Arghhh....consumed with envy!

Consumed with envy that you can drink at lunchtime. They frown upon that in the States. Prohibition attitude - poop!

My wife used to live in the house next door to this pub. Before getting married and moving we spent many a happy hour in this pub before staggering next door. Now that's what you call local.

Hey, we have a pub called the ship near us in Doncaster. You seem to have a talent for editing your photo's to get the most out of them. On my site I like to work with a particular feel to my images, you achieve this with less effort Favaloso!

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