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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 


My take on the theme of 'emptiness'. Not so much in the physical sense, but ephemeral; a lack of spirit or soul. This scene is pretty soul-less.

For the full take on this 'challenge' follow this link to a fellow bloggers site. 'Lost To Tomorrow'.

Looks like some aliens whisked away the person writing the bike via teleportation... ;)

Cool blog - dropped in through BlogMad!

I like the prism effect. dropped by using blogmad. cheers!

Peeps, the whole 'prism' thang is an optical aberration, no photoshop. It happens with digicams when ya point at the Sun. Sod the photographic rules and ya get good stuff, purely by accident.

Hi there.

I'm the official cookie bringer of the Shitty Blogs Club. Just wanted to say welcome to the club, have a cookie and be shitty. Be Proud!

Made my day, an alumni of the 'Shitty Blogs Club', coool

Looks like they just got Mr.Bean.

That is so cool! I'm glad you sodded off photographic rules for this image. :) I reckon it represents the emptiness theme perfectly.

I'm a twat for pointin' my 'box brownie' in to t'sun, hence the lens flare.

I like this photo.

Hiya! The sun flare sorta made this this photo the opposite of empty for me. It's somehow very hopeful instead of desolate. Either way, very nice picture!

yeah - i love those natural prism effects! :)

make the fearful leader proud

Dammit, I wish I had taken this one!!!

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