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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Some 'conceptual' art

My own interpretation on one of Andy Warhols themes - everyday objects, as my response to Eva's challenge (read comments on previous post). I'd like to have colourised the image, but I don't have the appropriate software. Could make an interesting wallpaper, for my bathroom.

A reasonably great depiction of a bar of soap at it's most magnificent, you are in good form Johnny, but I feel there is better to come. I would like you to set me a challenge if you are OK with this, as I am new to the internet diaries and want some ideas for topics. Speaking of challenges, if you are up for it, here is my next challenge, I am looking to redecorate my living room, and I want some ideas, I would be interested in yours to put alongside other ideas, however you can manipulate it to create something special!

Crikey Eva, you're asking a lot. I'll have to get my thinking cap on. As for ideas for your posts?

My best advice for post and photo ideas is carry your camera at all times, exclude no possible image opportunity. Be naive, snap away at all and everything. That's basically my approach without psychoanalysing it. Enjoy it.

Join a blog exchange like blogmad, or blogexplosion or a blog directory dealing with photoblogs.

I really enjoy looking at photoblogs from all over the planet. Got a lot of good ideas, applied them to my surroundings. Do your thang really.

Imperial Leather...NICE!!!!

Heyyy! Nice post!

Did you use photoshop, or simply purchase a load of soap and photograph it? ;-)


i think you'll like this site, JJ!


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