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Friday, May 05, 2006 

My Zen Moment

I've been trying to come up with a photo to enter in this months Fuji UK competion. The remit is 'Self Portrait'. I've never taken a self portrait before, let alone something different enough to post in a compo. It's a subject I find really difficult to get my head around on even a basic level.

Anyroad, whilst having a soak this evening I took some headshots in my bathtub and came up with this one after cropping and a little manipulating (well, I didn't want to scare the kids too much).

cool shot. but i think it would have a better emotional effect if you took a full head shot that looked so calm and peaceful, surrounded by an expanse of immaculate white bubbles. or you may try smiling at the camera, with the same setup. why not use some soft lighting, like beam some halogen lamps through the translucent curtain showers to diffuse it, or things like that. i don't know, just my two cents. im an amateur filmmaker with zero budget, so i usually do these improvisations most of the time, but they work. good luck with the competition. =p

Cheers jb. I understand where you're coming from with your suggestions. But it was a spare of the moment thing really, time and circumstance. Plus my smiling / full face shots didn't seem right (didn't want to scare the kids) hence this version.

It's great!!
Disagree with JB. A centred shot would be boring, and anyway, would fit better with a child or pretty woman I think maybe! And smiling would spoil the whole resting floating away feeling.
It's brave of you! It has a kind of strength and vulnrebility feel to it. The composition is great.

Snoo, you got everything I wanted to portray in this image and more, in one shot. I wanted my image to be different, standout, just not boring and safe.

Funnily enough, a few comments left on the Fuji UK site gallery said I was brave to post this image, but despite its 'Intimate / vulnerable' feel I felt it also conveyed strength.

This may sound strange, but it make me think of a warrior who has taken his armour off.

Hmm, it made me think of times when I've done the same thing in a bubble bath and heard the bubbles fizz next to my ear. Weird how a visual made me recall something audio!

Hmm, this image seems to provoke all manner of responses from the viewers at Fuji UK. Most quite like it, but a few think It's scary or even disturbing. Crikey, it must work as an image then :)

I like it JJ, the half and half reminds me of a yin/yang thang goin' on.

I wasn't brave enough to enter the comp, but I wish you well.

Hey, John!

Wow, I think this is a great shot. Probably the best of your work I've seen! Everything about it works for me. The stark lighting really plays up your features and the texture of your skin, and also shows the bubbles to best advantage. The cloud-like mass of suds floating up next to your skull give the impression that you're dreaming, but, perhaps not peacefully. It's a wonderful self-portrait!

Some of the best art is the result of spur-of-the-moment inspiration!

Really good work!

Thanks WJS, your comment has made my day. I must admit I'm very pleased with the positive responses my bit of 'art' has illicited. I might have to think about doing some more.

John, it's a very good image, and I hope you take this as a compliment when I say that for me, it is a dark, disturbing image, this impression is given to me from the expression on the part of your face I see in the picture, immediate thoughts flash through my mind of a suicide victim that has gone straight to hell or something like that...great!!!

Crikey Kev, now I begin to understand why some people find this image disturbing. Too much cheese before going to bed (lol). Seriously though, I never thought I'd compose an image that could be taken on so many levels. Now how do I better it? I'm suffering from photographers block now!!!!!

Hey I love that image, any artist knows you Never center anything. I think it's quite awesome

Well, I wouldn't agree that you "never center anything, but centering certainly would have killed this wonderful shot!

Absolutely stunning shot !

nice zen moment...your face is all red... :)

You look quite peacefull but somehow not...might be the effect of the bubbles....i like it

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