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Friday, May 12, 2006 

The astral tramways of England

Well, I never!!! I haven't posted for a week now. If truth be known I'm a little surprised by the positive responses to my last entry, both on this blog and the FujiFilm uk gallery. How do I better what I've achieved so far?

Me thinks I'm suffering from 'photographers block' mayhap? Perhaps it's time for a short, but natural break to gather my thoughts and come up with another idea for a 'project'?

In the meantime, I'll open another 'tinnie' (purely medicinal, you understand) and allow my conscienciousness to absorb all the 'verses possibilities (Firefly/Serenity reference there).

Ciao, pop pickers, not 'arf.

I have to ask... what the heck is a tinnie? :)

It's Australian for 'can of beer'.

John! I should have known you're a Firefly/Serenity type of guy!

Enjoy your time on the "astral tramway", and don't worry about topping your past work. You can't. For some of your viewers, that (or some other piece you've posted) will always be the best work you'll ever do. The good news is, you're capable of unlimited vision and creativity! We all are! So, just go for it!

nice to have you back jonny, I don't believe it's about topping what you've done it's more about maintaining a standard, which you do consistently.

I don't think it's about bettering yourself, it's more about maintaining a high standard, which you do consistently. Continue with the high standard and the "bettering" will follow itself.

Enough "tinnies" and you'll be back in the bathtub looking like your picture. ;)

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