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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

It's my birthday so I'll post what I bleedin' well want to

One of my fave MOR songs, now this is music...... There's a Bill Nelson / Be Bop Deluxe connection with this song .....

Hippy Pappy Bruthday JJ :)

Oooh you rebel!
One of my all time faves too, I never tire of hearing it. Lovely stuff.

All the best


I'm a post modernist, punk rocker, folk singing, jazz / funk kinda sod, but why not? Life's too bllody short to listen to mainstream mediocrity. It's great being an arbiter of good taste :)

Wonderful fun! Thanks for sharing.

And happy birthday to you, a few days late...you arbiter of good taste!


Vote for me at Belle of the Brawl, please, please, please!


Happy Belated Bday!

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* The title of this blog inspired by a piece of music written by fellow Yorkshireman, and favourite musician / composer / guitarist, Bill Nelson.