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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 

York 'Shambles'

This post is really for everyone in the North Americas. I love York's everyday medieval architecture, the Shambles is about the best you'll see in the UK that wasn't 'Blitzed' during WW2.

I love this area of York around the minster, so much character and some very unusual shops. And a couple of shops selling the best cornish pasties I've tasted in ages. Fortunately, weather was good during my 'cultural' weekend so I was able to park my backside and tuck in to some pasties. I wholeheartedly recommend pork and apple, and giant traditional pasties, served warm of course. I hasten to add I had these pasties on two separate days. I'd hate for you to think I was a bit of a glutton.

Great photo's John, you should have gone when there was not as many peoples around though! They detract a little from the architecture in my humble opinion. Looks like you had a great time during that weekend, and staying in that backpackers hostel certainly paid off, you got to sample some down to earth culture, rather then the mundane evenings which can be spent in hotel bars and lobbies.

Kev, in my opinion the point of architecture is the interaction with us humans, so I'm pleased that I captured these images when it was busy. Plus it was an opportunity to use the waist level view finder on my s9500 and not get my face slapped for photographing somebodies boobies:)

Haha nice work. They never like you "window shopping".

I'm loving all your pics recently, John (and the idea of fresh, warm pasties)!

Especially love the engine and, of course, the gorgeous bridges. I live in a "river city" so maybe I'll go down and shoot some when the tourist crush dies down. (No, no, not when the tourists die; just when they go home!

Thanks, Johnny! Those are great pictures. I so envy you being immersed in the history...that which remains...our U.S. history is too new...not the same. Keep the pics coming and thanks for thinking of us over here! And teasing us with all the pastry talk!

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