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Sunday, October 08, 2006 

Sunday afternoon shopping

Took these images this evening around tea time, just as the light was beginning to fail after doing some clothes shopping. I ought to shop on a Sunday more often, so much more civilised.

These two images are only a few degrees apart, but they illustrate some of the contrasts in the city centre; Brand new swanky apartments and the old Dock buildings dating back to the Victorian era. I wouldn't mind having one of these new pads, even though they do seem out of place on the Hull skyline. They remind me of hotel complexes in the Costa Del Sol.

By the way, cindra jo, I've not forgotten your musical 7's tag. I've just been a bit preoccupied with prepping for Nelsonica 06, and a few other things. One of them being Hotel Phoenix, the new fan run Bill Nelson website of which yours truly is one of the moderators on the forum. When I'm back in 8 days or so, I hope to have some interesting snaps of the convention as well as some of the interesting museums in and around York, where the Nelsonica convention is being held.........

How exciting for you! No worries on the tag, lest you want to do it at some point. I just like your musical tastes that are in all sorts of interesting genres and thought of you with that tag. Good luck with everything! And thanks for the juxtaposition of old and new in the city...great images.

Don't know much about Bill Nelson stuff, Johnny. What's good to download? I know he was in Be Bop Deluxe in the 70s, and I've got a Whistle Test vid with him on lurking around. Curiously, while you were posting this I was off seeing Billy Jenkins (who supported BBD with his 70s art band Burlesque).

I much prefer the old buildings. You'd think I'd have enough of them, though, as my 80-year-old house keeps me crazy with maintenance!

Nice photo's John, look forward to seeing some Nelsonica photo's soon!

` I likee nice photos.

` Can I kiss you?

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