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Friday, October 20, 2006 

My adventures in York part 1

This time last week in York, I and a number of fellow Nelsonians (Vienna, Jimbo, Mark H, and John I) were tucking in to a lovely Indian meal in a curry house just off Micklegate, only a short distance from the York Backpackers Hostel (400 year old grade 1 listed building) where we were all staying. The meal was lovely, set us up for the night and prepared us for a few bevvies in the local '80's rock pub', an ideal pre-Nelsonica repast.

Earlier in the day, Vienna and I, travelled up to York by coach (cheapest transport we could arrange) and made our way to the hostel. I wasn't too keen at first on the idea of staying at a backpackers hostel, but this one was rather good, albeit basic and I'd recommend it to anyone. The staff (long term residents) were brilliant, and because of the informality of the place there were no barriers, residents talked to each other in a way that doesn't usually happen in posh hotels.

Even now, writing about the place I miss it. Whilst Vienna, and the rest of the gang left on the Sunday after the Nelsonica Convention, I stayed an extra night inorder to go 'tourist' and take in the sights at my favourite Yorkshire city, and of course take 100's of photos.................

Well JJ, time flies, does it not?

Mmmm Lamb Dhansak! :)

Too right about the hostel, what an uberfriendly bunch of guys and gals! I was thinking the exact same thing. You wont get such an warm and friendly welcome from hotel residents I'm sure. Could be a whole new topic, hostels are usually full of outgoing, interesting and intelligent people.

Hostels rock, I even had a TV in my room! Bargain!

More pics please


V, I've so many piccies, don't know where to start in terms of posting, but It'll be fun thinking up ways of integrating them into interesting posts.

Great post, Johnny. It sounds like a grand time...the photo is dizzying, the words descriptive and i would love to hang out there and visit with the people in the hostel. Good for you for having so much fun!

I'm with Vienna...more pics please.

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