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Saturday, September 30, 2006 

Johnny Cash - Hurt

I'm not feeling too well, nothing serious, just a sore throat and a few aches and pains. Plus, an interesting project that I've just heard of, and want to keep schtum about, for the time being has appeared over the horizon. Hence no original content today, and since my 46th birthday.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a work colleague about Johnny Cash, a day or so. "If you're serious about music, you have to have some Johnny Cash in your collection". He was right, after listening to a lot of his stuff on youtube I've ordered some cds from Amazon.co.uk.

Here's my favourite Johnny Cash video. It upsets me everytime I view, or listen to it. The NIN original is excellent, but this is the definiative version in my book. Very evocative and poignant.

I'm so glad that you got Johnny Cash. I was brought up on him on HEE HAW and Johnny Cash specials, fer cryin' out loud...then rejected him as not cool in my teens, and saw the light again as an adult, so have plenty Johnny in our collection. The day he died, mine hubby and I watched this DVD over and over and cried our eyes out. I still can't watch it without welling up. NIN's original rocks in its own right, but this is very moving, and what an honor to them to have Johnny do it.

I also share your same symptoms. Sucks. Or blows. You know what I mean!

Feel better, Johnny!

I'm feeling much better now, just as well really, it's been back to work time.

I'm gonna have to take some piccies, I feel I'm letting the side down.

Completely agree with you John, it's the difinitive version for me as well, it's also the version I play on guitar as well.....sort of.

Moving! Dr. John sent me to your blog and I am glad he did.

I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like Johnny Cash, but I think I prefer his older stuff. Just this once Dr John sent me.

I hope its not too terribly late to send you good well wishes!

I'm continually amazed at how my musical tastes are maturing along with me... I, too, rejected Johnny Cash (and the rest of that ilk) because my parents liked him. Thank goodness I've grown up now, though, or I'd truly be missing out.

By the way, I've stumbled on over at the behest of Dr. John.

This song has meant so much to so many people. Cash was indeed, a true legend.

Stopping by and singing "I'll Fly Away" with Dr. John upon his magical dragon.

i find his sound soothing. his lyrics melancholic. i'm not much of a country girl but i do like him immensely...beautiful video, touches the heart. dr.John send me.

i do hope you feel better soon.

Wow, wasn't expecting this response. I'm going to have to thank Dr John, as well as everyone who commented.

As to Johnny Cash, well my music arrived today, playing the cd now. Brings back so many memories.

another straggler from Dr. John's...I remember when I was about 10 years old Johnny Cash's song "Burning Ring of Fire" was popular. We used to have the best time singing it in the car with my stepmom when we went places.

I have always liked Johnny Cash. This brought tears.
Came from Dr John's marathon

I never really thought Johnny Cash had much of a voice or even cared for his music, but as a man I thought he was nice.Here by way of Dr John.

Johnny Cash was a music staple in my home. Grand Ol' Opry, Hee Haw, The Porter Waggonner Show ....

I wonder if Dr. John likes Johnny Cash?

Awesome.. that's all I can say..

Marathoning for the sake of Dr. John..

Tag! I was tagged by logophile, and now I'm tagging you...if you so choose, your mission is to post 7 songs of your choice...faves, links to videos, music, songs you hate, whatever...just something about 7 songs...then tag seven people.

Maybe you'll finally post a new post...I been waitin' all week!

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