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Monday, December 29, 2008 

I'm stuffed

Well, it was Christmas and all I seem to have been doing is stuff me face with food and copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. I was rather glad to have walked home from my mum's on Saturday (a nice 50 minutes) it was a good bit of low impact exercise, though I suspect it will have made negligible impact on the excess lard I'll have stored over Yuletide.

And speaking of Christmas, it was a nice 'chill fest'. Stayed over at my Mum's, did some entertaining on Boxing Day, and generally relaxed. It was different without my Dad's presence, my Mum and I reminisced like you'd imagine, kept each other company. It was good. I'm hoping it's more of the same over the New Year celebrations.

I'm back at the farm on the 5th, which I'm quite looking forward to, especially after having a lengthy 'recharge'. I'm determined to have a cracking 2009 after this year's calamities, though I seem to have come away from it all a stronger person in more ways than one (not what I expected) and I'm in an 'interesting' position in the 'farm yard'. All I need now is a bigger shovel :)

Hope you have a good year John!

Keep those positive vibes going!

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