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Monday, December 01, 2008 

Something for Bob

Not one of mine sadly. Something to perhaps provoke a discussion from 'BOB' one of my more politically motivated readers.

Politically motivated my arse!!! A few years ago when I suggested getting together and forming a guerilla movement ala the 'Tooting Popular Front' he nearly shit himself! More like a moaning tw@t! lol.

Aye, that's married life, 2 kids and her indoors for ya. And he still is a moaning so and so. In the words of Pete Townshend "Let's See Action".

Ah, well you see its about provoking comment to begin wth. That, as I can see, is happening. Is that Mao's hand I see in the picture??

Yeah, she's saying "don't touch that computer, it's mine" haahahahaha!!!

Ya know, since a certain person left the business only one person (deluded so and so ) says that Incoming Goods has got worse.

Personally, I'm smelling the coffee and the roses:)

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