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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

"The wheels on the bus go round............"

After suffering yet another 'Groundhog' day at work, rather than throwing myself under a bus, I thought I'd post an image of my local bus depot, not far from the 'Jazz Joint'. I miss the blue buses we used to have in Hull, before the rather generic 'StageCoach' colours appeared. That's progress?

I'm also sad that most of the red telephone boxes are gone. They were so cute!

As a kid in Newcastle, we had red buses that went one way, and yellow buses that went another way, and when stagecoach took over I had no idea which bus to get on!!

That's wonderful Snoo, you made my day :)

Welcome back, John!

Glad to hear you chose not to throw yourself under a bus -- though I probably could have done a great manip with that photo!

I didn't think it would be a good idea anyroad. Just imagine the drycleaning bill alone :)

hi Jonny Jazz, have not seen you in awhile. Nice to see you again.
Take care of you!

nice back of GB bus in red colours

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