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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Raiding my divine archive

It's been far too long since I've posted. Not sure why, maybe I can't be bothered, or I lack motivation. Possibly a combination of both? Anyway, been looking at some of the images I took earlier in my blogging 'career', unpublished images. Well here they are in all their monochrome glory.

The first image is dedicated to WJS, her love of bridges and all that. It's an image of a local footbridge over the river Hull. I've walked over it a few times as a shortcut from work to my sister's house. In years gone by,employees from all the local factories on their bicycles traversed this bridge. Now, apart from the odd pedestrian it's become an anacronism.

The 2nd image is my take on a social problem that seems to get worse day by day. Stolen cars are left all over the city, but they have to be burned out before the local council will move them. Something similar happened a few months ago during Sunday lunch at my parents. A seemingly abandoned car spontaneiously combusted (local youths, running in all directions) I dread to think of the consequenses if it was next to my parents house.

Great images John, you should have posted these gems aeons ago, good to see the return of the mack!

Hi, John, and thanks, much, for the wonderful bridge! The monochrome treatment works well for both of these pics, and looks great fpr the reflection in the water.

I was just thinking (yes, be afraid!) that my love of bridges probably stems from my love of roads. After all, a bridge is just an elevated road! But, there's also the intricate structuring of the big, steel ones, and the excitement of the physical aspect: you build something, up off the ground, with an arch in it -- and it doesn't fall down!

Like magic!


The concept of a city full of stolen/burned out cars is kind of terrifying and would make a great starting point for a creepy thriller!

Great pictures, especially the bridge and WJS is right about the monochrome treatment. I wonder why it is some pictures just seem right in monochrome?

wow, what gorgeous pics..you take them so well..i love that they are black and white. send her by Dr. John...don't worry about not posting as much..things do slow down lots in summer.

I pity the car in that state of condition. Hello, passing by from Dr. John.

cars should not be allowed to be left like that...here they tow them away. Im from Dr JOhn

Hey! my Johnny I'm back, it is really good to see you have been keeping up the good work in my abscence "molto buono" I look forward to hearing from you sweetie.

nice pictures, I really like the monochrome. Dr. John sent me.

Wow, I had to check out where you lived for the social problem. That is terrible. Our cars left like that are in an old quarry pit back in the woods. Kids play demolition derby back there. Which is cool, which may be why we leave them be at it. It's somethign to do. -Margie (sent via Dr. John.)

I walked into a local inner city neighborhood to visit a student's family. I wanted to discover why the child got so little sleep at night ... within a block of her house I knew I wouldn't sleep there, either. The streets were a junk yard of stolen, stripped, burnt out cars -- and they were some of the safer refuse.

I'm blog hopping Dr. John style.

Wow...you took those pics? They are beautiful. Dr. John sent me

Nice pics...hope you've gotten your blogging motivation back! Dr. John sent me!

The photos are great.
We don't see the abandoned cars because we live in the country and they are in the woods but they do pose a health hazard.
Came from Dr Johns

I enjoyed the photos. They are very dramatic. I could stare at that bridge one for a long time. Here by way of Dr. John.

I think real life has a tendency to get in the way of blogging. Some come back when they have time, summer will be over soon and the evenings will be longer. That is a good time for blogging.

Dr. John sent me your way.

Hey my Johnny your archives are certainly devine just like my favourite blogger(YOU)would you be interested in coming over to my neck of the woods in Doncaster for a spot of photo shooting? Maybe we could go out for dinner?
If so it might be an idea to swsap personal E-mails to arrange stuff?
Mine can be found on my profile.

...hello again...your welcome for the visit, it was my pleasure..

i would love that remote too..trust me a girl can put it to use just as much as any man, lol...

tell you what, whoemever finds it firts, must tell the other immediately..

enjoy your slow posting days..no worries..everyone slows down through the summer..

enjoy your wknd.

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