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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

To beer, or not to beer......

That Roger Bacon bloke has a lot to answer for. Not only did he write all of Shakespeare's plays, but he also invented Denmark. Before then it was just 'Land were those people make bacon'.

I'm in a real quandry now. I've run out of lager, and now my Cherry diet coke is runnin' low. It's all the fault of that Nicky in BB7 (uk), childish, petulance and histrionics. Truth be known, she reminds me of my 9yr old niece. I'll be surprised if she's evicted this week.

I miss Tesco vodka & 3 lb. wine!

I vote beer and no BB. I'm not watching it this year and I'm feeling so much saner (more sane?) without it!

I'm fascinated by this year's BB. Last years didn't do a thing for me. I nearly applied to be a housemate a couple of years ago, but I'm very likely to be the one who winds everyone else up ( I can do it in my sleep, apparently :))

Lager and Cherry Diet Coke? Get thee to a dietician!

Big Brother is just about to start up here. There taking a nation-wide vote on which of the crazy losers from previous seasons will share the BB House this summer.

Plenty of insanity to choose from!

Insanity is nature's way of telling you you're normal according to Harvey.

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