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Saturday, July 01, 2006 

Local history

Some more images from my local park (Hull's East Park). These are remnants of the old wall that used to surround Hull several centuries ago, when towns had defenses. These two 'plaques' aren't much bigger than dinner trays, they form part of the 'rockery' smack bang in the middle of the park, created out of bits of the old defences. My only regret is that the old stone watchtower has been removed, had endless fun playing in it as a 'bairn'.

Oh, yeah. Just updated t'other blog with some local industrial colour, and some of my own poetry. Give it a deco, honestly it's not in the slightest 'vogon' in it's execution.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You now have 2 worthless JC points. Your name will be in tomorrow's drawing. I hate it when they take away childhood things like towers. You talk funny.

Excellent photos! Do you have any shots of the watchtower before it's "removal"?

Matthew, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, no photos of the tower, but I think I know where it is. A housing development in one of Hull's old docks.

nice blog...Dr John sent me

Johnny Jazz,
These are magnificent photos. I love old things. (We really don't have very old artifacts in the US.

These are gorgeous, John. I have some similar new, but heavily distressed to look vintage and weathered, pieces on my living room wall. You can sure tell the diff between the repros and the real deal, though!

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