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Saturday, June 10, 2006 

The Theatre of The Mundane - act I

My sock has a hole in it. An honest hole, one earned through hard work. A hole worn in the pursuit of my daily bread, a hole worn away by safety shoes. A hole safety shoe wearers of this planet can relate to. Not a particularly aesthetically pleasant looking hole, or a hole that is in anyway 'trendy' ie a fashion statement, just a hole in my sock. Possibly an existential sock? Who knows " I have a hole, therefore I am a sock"?

Anyway, not for long. I'm going to darn the hole. Goodbye Sock with a hole, hello darned sock.

Nice to see in todays throwaway society that there are some still prepared to put in a bit of effort to prolong the life of something most wouldn't give a second thought too. Continue to sock it to us with your darned original posts.

Agree with bazza totally, great to see you thinking outside the box on this one.


Aye lad, those were the days :)

Socks?...ah, I vaguely remember them.

Cool post JJ

Well, I'd say you're thinking outside the SHOE on this one!

I can't afford to throw away much, but I never darn my socks. Hate the feel of the little "stitch-ridge" that's left behind.

Tossed socks, however, make the absolute best dust cloths . . .

` Socks make good puppets... to do my bidding!

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