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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Just the ticket

I'm feeling a bit 'chuffed'. Received my very tasteful 'Nelsonica 06' ticket yesterday. Really looking forward to it. 'Our Bill's' only live performance this year.

On the downside, the 512mb XD memory card for my Fuji F450 is dead. However, those nice people at Fuji will send me a replacement after they've had a look at my duff card. Hope I can get this sorted before Hornsea Carnival. Looking forward to taking lots of images.

Oh, I want to go!
Bill Nelson is one of the all time greats!

Dr. John sent me. Geordie in ohio saying ello. I liked looking at your pics of the old stones in the park.

I take my camera just about everywhere I go- never know when I might see something that intrigues me- nice pictures you have here,I got here thanks to Dr. John and his marathon.

Mark, have a look at 'Dreamsville' (billnelson.com)either use the link on the welcome screen or via the forum. Don't know how much of Bill's solo material you know, it's VERY varied, but there's something for everybody.

jafabrit, thanks for popping by. I'm fascinated by Hull's local history. It's been a bit 'mixed'.

Cindy, great minds think alike. I feel naked if I haven't got my camera in my rucksack.

Thought Dr. John's marathon was such a great idea, decided to keep visiting blogs...

Hope you get it taken care of in time, John. I never leave home without my camera, and extra cards, and spare batteries, and . . .

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