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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Sunset / cloudscape

Took this image with my point 'n shoot a few minutes ago. It was surprisingly blustery outside, so I was lucky to get such a sharp image. It's another 'moody' shot, plenty of black Yorkshire clouds. Shame there were no 'cracking pylons' (Fellow 'Nelsonians' will get this reference).

really beautiful landscape

Ah, a blustery day! Sounds like heaven compared to the oppressive heat and humidity, here.

That's one beautiful and dramatic sky you captured, John!

Ooh, that's gorgeous! I also thought the branches on the side looked like a Chinese character for a second.

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone.

Shirley, my thoughts exactly about the branches. And am I glad weatherwise, it's just right at the moment WJS.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Loved the picture.

The picture looks although beautiful a beginning for a mystery.

Very nice color in the sky.

Nice photo Johnny. The out-scaled streetlamp looks to be squaring up to the branches of Mother Nature there - kind of symbolic methinks!

Just posted in 'song' but will say something here too!!

Lovely sky Johnny!

Very nice photo....i like it alot!

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